Membership 2020

The following people have joined DAS this year or were members last year. Unit officers’ names are shown in bold text.

DAS name Unit Joined Status Other Society Roles
Cuthwin Dudeson Beorcsciringas Yes Full Equality & Diversity Officer
Elfgiva Beorcsciringas Yes Full Secretary
Herewulf Aescferthing Cilternsaete Yes Full Costume Review
Godwin Cilternsaete Yes Full  
Guthwald Cilternsaete Yes Full Safety Officer
Wulfruna Cilternsaete No Full  
Aelfgar Cilternsaete No Full  
Maria Cilternsaete Yes Full  
Bosi Holmbyggja Yes Full  
Ingibjorg Ragnarsdottir Holmbyggja Yes Full Treasurer, Website Admin
Alf Silversmith Holmbyggja Yes Full Archivist
Hrolf Holmbyggja Yes Full  
Morag Holmbyggja Yes Full  
Hrothgar Holmbyggja Yes Full Chair
SigriĆ° Holmbyggja No Probationary  
Finn Jonnsonnr Holmbyggja No Full  
Kata Holmbyggja No Full  
Hauk Ragnarsonnr Oestvikingae Yes Full  
Thorhelm Oestvikingae No Full Keeper of The Portaloo
Pirri Oestvikingae No Full  
Floki Oestvikingae No Probationary  
Madoc Oestvikingae No Probationary  
Sighjalmr Oestvikingae No Probationary  
Saebjorn Oestvikingae No Probationary  
Thorolf Oestvikingae Yes Probationary  
Hjalmar Oestvikingae Yes Full  
Cynric Sumorsaete Yes Full  
Anir Sumorsaete Life Full  
Ricula Sumorsaete Life Full  
Aethelwulf Sumorsaete Yes Full  
Beba Sumorsaete Yes Full  
Styrkar Ovennisson Westmen Yes Full  
Anneth Westmen Yes Full  
Grimkell Westmen Yes Full  
Hallgerd Westmen Yes Full  
Scamkel Westmen No Full New Members’ Representative