The Sumorsaete

The Sumorsaete are a Saxon unit from Wessex.

Given in hostageship to a Saxon thegn as surety for the submission of his Cornish king, who died shortly after and whose people scattered to Brittany and Wales, Cynric relies on his Saxon benefactors, whom he repays with war-service and with song. He is devoutly Christian, but would rather convert by water than by blood.
Wulfstan Thegn is a fighter of great renown, much feared by the Danes.
Anir Thegn is a mighty man of Wessex, known for his hatred of the Viking flotmenn. He led the Sumorsaete until recently, & is famed for feasting friends & felling foes. He is married to Ricula Thegn hlæfdige thos Sumorsaete.