Membership 2000

The following people joined DAS this year or were members last year. Unit officers’ names are shown in bold text.
This list is dated to 1 October 2000.

DAS name Unit Joined Status Other Society Roles
Beorn Beorcscire Yes Full
Ceolred Monger Beorcscire Yes Full New Members’ Representative
Raedflaed Beorcscire Yes Full
Edgar Beorcscire Yes Full
Matilda Beorcscire Yes Full
Morcar Beorcscire Yes Full
Oonah Beorcscire Full
Grimwuld Beorcscire Yes Full
Emma Beorcscire Yes Full
Wiglaf Beorcscire Yes Full
Tunwinni Beorcscire Yes Full Women’s Representative
Snotta Beorcscire Yes Full
Herewulf Aescferthing Cilternsaete Yes Full
Godwin Cilternsaete Yes Full
Guthwald Cilternsaete Yes Full
Cynewulf Duvafeldingas Yes Full
Astrid Haraldsdottir Dyfliningi Yes Full
Asa Turgisdottir Dyfliningi Yes Full
Gizur Dyfliningi Full
Njall Thorenson Dyfliningi Yes Full
Thorkel Einarsson Dyfliningi Yes Full
Olaf Dyfliningi Yes Full
Maaria Dyfliningi Full
Valgard Ulriksonnr Holmbyggja Yes Full
Bosi Holmbyggja Yes Full
Ingibjorg Ragnarsdottir Holmbyggja Yes Full
Alf Holmbyggja Yes Full
Finn Jonnsonnr Holmbyggja Yes Full Chair
Halgrim Holmbyggja Yes Full
Dis Jonnsdottir Holmbyggja Yes Full
Ubbi Ulricsfostirsonnr Holmbyggja Yes Full
Bridie Ketilstoft Yes Full
Inga Ketilstoft Yes Full Secretary
Einar Ketilstoft Yes Full
Gunnar Orcalearingi Full
Anlaf Olafson Orcalearingi Yes Full
Bjarni Steinkelson Orcalearingi Yes Full
Anir Sumorsaete Yes Full
Ricula Sumorsaete Yes Full
Aethelwulf Sumorsaete Yes Full
Beba Sumorsaete Full
Wulfstan Sumorsaete Yes Full
Emma Sumorsaete Yes Full DASMag Editor
Hygelac Eiriksonnur Westmen Yes Full Treasurer
Asleif Ketildottir Westmen Yes Full
Styrkar Ovennisson Westmen Yes Full
Asny Westmen Yes Full
Erik Ketilsson Westmen Yes Full Safety Officer