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Detailed character stories, maps of unit homelands, and anything else relating to the Viking and Anglo-Saxon units within DAS.

Hauk Ragnarsson’s Saga

Of Ragnar of Jutland There was a man hight Ragnar, a farmer from near Fyrkat in Jutland. He was a wedded man; he had to wife Gudrun, daughter of Gunni and Sinfjotli, and sister to Ulrik of Ranrike; he had no sons but Ingibjorg was hight his daughter. Ragnar gave his daughter Ingibjorg to Halldor, […]

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Dagrun’s Story

My name is Dagrun, the daughter of Ingibjorg and Halldor. I was born on my father’s lands in Jutland, neighouring the land held by my mother’s family. I lived there for many years until I was married to my dear husband Ørn whose lands were not so far from where I had grown up. The […]

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Lands of the Holmbyggjar

Ranrike – Ulrik’s Homeland Ranrike, or Ránríki in Old Norse, corresponds to the northern half of the traditional Swedish province of Bohuslän. Bohuslän is on the western coast of Sweden, bordering Skagerrak and Norway, and is approximately the area described as Alfheim in Scandinavian mythology. Ranrike forms part of Viken, which is a broad term […]

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Ingibjorg’s Story

My name is Ingibjorg. My mother was Gudrun, daughter of Gunni and Sinfjotli, and sister to Ulrik of Ranrike. She died when I was young. My father was Ragnar, who held land in Jutland, near Fyrkat. Ragnar was always on bad terms with our neighbours because they argued about the rights to the best pasturelands. […]

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