Website User FAQ

Who can contribute to the website?

Any member of DAS is invited to contribute to the website. Ex-members may be admitted at the Administrators’ discretion.

How do I contribute to the website?

Step 1 is to register on the website. Click the “Register” link near the bottom of the left side of the screen. Choose a username, enter your email address, and click the “Register” button. If you are a member of DAS, an Administrator will approve your membership within a day or two.

When your membership is approved, you’ll be sent an email with a password. Log in to the site using your username and this password, and if you want, change the password to something of your choice. If you don’t get the email within 24 hours, please contact an administrator as emails sometimes get lost in the aether.

How do I create a character profile?

Log in to the site and click your name, at the top right, to edit your profile. Here you can add a photo and a character description. Please don’t post your real (21st Century) name – profiles should only describe your dark age character.

If your profile doesn’t appear on your unit’s page, please ask an Administrator to add you to the relevant list.

How do I add an article?

  1. Log in to the website. This should take you into the Admin area. If it doesn’t, click Admin / Dashboard, at the top left of the screen.
  2. Near the top left of the screen you should see a link “Posts”. Click this.
  3. Then click “Add New”, which should appear below “Posts”. This should open the Add New Post window.
  4. Type in a title and your text.
  5. Scroll down and in Categories, lower right of the screen, check the category your article should appear in.
  6. You can preview your post by clicking “Preview”, upper right of the screen. This opens a new browser tab with your text. THIS HAS NOT BEEN SAVED. To save it, reselect your original browser tab and choose “Publish”, middle right of the screen.


  • News: society news such as new event dates. The latest News article will appear in the main News page. All older News articles can be read in the News Archive.
  • “Unit Stories”: articles giving more details about a unit, such as map of homeland, history, extended character stories. Ideally these should be tagged with the name of the unit.
  • “The 9th Century”: articles about history, weapons, crafts, daily life and so on.
  • “Past Events: event writeups.
  • “Member Resources”: any ‘how to’ guides for making kit.

If you don’t select a Category, your post will appear in “Uncategorised”.

How to I add an image to an article?

I’m struggling with this, the only method I can find that works is complicated. If you find a simple, reliable method please post it here!

How do I add a photo to the Photo Gallery?

Our photo gallery is hosted on Flickr. You will need a Flickr account, and you will need to join the Flickr group called “The Dark Ages Society”. Tip: if you have a Yahoo ID for Cyberdas, you should be able to use this to log in to Flickr.

To join the Flickr group, go to The Dark Ages Society, log in and apply to join the group. Once an administrator has admitted you, you will be able to upload photos on the Flickr site. These will then automatically appear on the DAS website.

Do not post photos of members’ children, or of members who have asked that their image not be used. The Secretary can tell you who that is.

What kind of links can I add?

DAS can’t endorse any trader, other society or source of information, and we don’t want to end up as an advertising service. However members can recommend links for the website.

Please don’t add your OWN website! But it is fine to add another member’s website if you feel it may be useful to somebody else.

Only post links that are directly relevant, for example sources of information about the Dark Ages.

Links are added in the Dashboard. Go to Links and choose Add New. Enter a name, URL and description. Make sure to check the appropriate category, and then save the link.

Who do I ask for help if I’m stuck?

Ask on Cyberdas, ask an Administrator, or ask Ingibjorg.