All members of DAS are part of a Unit, which are all either Saxon or Viking. Units represent extended family groups, mercenary warbands, the defenders of a specific area, the crews of longships, or followers of charismatic warlords. Your unit defines who your allies are, who you fight and feast alongside. Members can and do move between units (especially in their first few events), but they are very important for your Dark Age character.

There are currently 3 Viking and 3 Saxon units. But this is flexible – new units can be created at any time. Each unit has its own style and backstory, some of which are explained below along with some of the key members of the units.

The Holmbyggjar

The Holmbyggjar are Vikings who have settled in East Anglia.

The Westmen

The Westmen hail from the Isles: the Orkneys, Hebrides, and Mann.

The Oestvikingae

The Oestvikingae are fierce heathen raiders, whose homes lie on Gotland.

The Beorcsciringas

The Beorcsciringas are refugees from Mercia, the bodyguard of the Bishop of Dorchester.

The Cilternsaete

The Cilternsaete are Mercians, and proud to be Angles not Saxons!

The Sumorsaete

The Sumorsaete are men of Wessex, Alfred’s trusted companions.