Membership 2007

The following people joined DAS this year or were members last year. Unit officers’ names are shown in bold text.

DAS name Unit Joined Status Other Society Roles
Beorn Beorcscire Yes Full
Ceolred Monger Beorcscire Yes Full
Raedflaed Beorcscire Yes Full
Beornwulf Beorcscire Yes Probationary
Gunnar Beorcscire Yes Probationary
Saegyth Beorcscire Yes Full
Herewulf Aescferthing Cilternsaete Yes Full Costume Review
Godwin Cilternsaete Yes Full
Guthwald Cilternsaete Yes Full
Wulfruna Cilternsaete Yes Full
Hunrice Cilternsaete No Probationary
Bosi Holmbyggja Yes Full
Halla Holmbyggja Yes Full Women’s Representative
Valgard Ulriksonnr Holmbyggja Yes Full
Ingibjorg Ragnarsdottir Holmbyggja Yes Full DASMag Editor
Alf Silversmith Holmbyggja Yes Full New Members’ Representative, Archivist
Finn Jonnsonnr Holmbyggja Yes Full
Kata Holmbyggja Yes Full
Dagrun Halldorsdottir Holmbyggja Yes Full
Halgrim Holmbyggja Yes Full
Dis Jonnsdottir Holmbyggja Yes Full
Thjalfi Holmbyggja Yes Probationary
Ormr Holmbyggja Yes Probationary
Ubbi Ulricsfostirsonnr Oestvikinga No Full
Freyja Eriksdottir Oestvikinga Yes Full Secretary
Signy Oestvikinga Yes Full
Visna Styrkarsfostirdottir Oestvikinga Yes Full Chair
Anlaf Oestvikinga Yes Full
Wulfstan Sumorsaete Yes Full Safety Officer
Anir Sumorsaete Yes Full
Ricula Sumorsaete Yes Full
Aethelwulf Sumorsaete Yes Full
Beba Sumorsaete Yes Full
Peta Sumorsaete Yes Full
Aethelstan Greybeard Sumorsaete Yes Full
Realobran Sumorsaete Yes Probationary
Wulfgar Sumorsaete Yes Full
Caelwyn Sumorsaete Yes Full
Godfrid Sumorsaete Yes Full
Hygelac Eiriksonnur Westmen Yes Full
Anneth Westmen Yes Full
Styrkar Ovennisson Westmen Yes Full
Wulf Westmen Yes Full
Hallgerd Westmen Yes Full
Grimkell Westmen Yes Full
Egil Styrkarssonnr Westmen Yes Full
Einar Styrkarssonnr Westmen Yes Probationary
Thorstein Westmen Yes Full
Authun Westmen Yes Probationary
Saeun the smith Westmen Yes Probationary
Hraefna Westmen Yes Full Treasurer