Politics Timeline 973-919

793 Vikings plunder monastery of Lindisfarne.
795 First recorded Viking raids on Scotland and Ireland.
800 The Oseberg Viking longship is buried about this time.
825 Mercians defeated by Egbert of Wessex at Wroughton who annexes Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex.
835 Danish raid on Kent.
841 Viking settlers found the city of Dublin in Ireland.
851 Vikings winter in Thanet and attack London and Canterbury.
865 Danish Great Army lands in East Anglia.
866 Danish Vikings establish a kingdom in York, England.
866-7 Danes attack Northumbria.
867-8 Danes move into Mercia.
870 East Anglia falls to the Danes. Murder of St Edmund.
871 Danes attack Wessex and Alfred the Great becomes king.
874 Mercia falls to the Danes.
878 Alfred defeats the Danes at Edington and Guthrum is baptised.
886 Alfred divides England with the Danes under the Danelaw pact (Treaty of Wedmore).
899 Death of Alfred. Edward the Elder bcomes king of Wessex.
900 The Vikings raid along the Mediterranean coast.
910-20 Edward and Aethelflaed reconquer most of Danelaw.
911 The Viking chief Rollo is granted land by the Franks and founds Normandy in France.
?919 Norse kingdom of York is founded by Raegnald.

Great Britain - Politics, 900 a.d.

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