Event Dates for Autumn/Winter 2011

Three new events have been booked for 2011! All are private society events. We’ll fight hard all day Saturday, and then celebrate either victory or defeat with a banquet in the village hall.

South Cadbury,Somerset – 30th September to 2nd October

The planned June event was sadly cancelled, but it has been rescheduled and we are now hoping for an Indian Summer. Fighting will be on Cadbury Hill Fort.

Flaunden, Hertfordshire – 28th to 30th October

The Cilternsaete’s regular event is always a great bash, with fierce fighting in the woods and a fine banquet.

Forest Green, Surrey – 18th to 20th November

The last event in our calendar for 2011 is a welcome return to Leith Hill, where last year a small group of dedicated idiots re-enacted the Battle of Leith Hill in heavy snow. In 851 a.d. the Saxons were beaten by the army of Ethelwulf, father of Alfred the Great. This year, who knows what the outcome may be?

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