Events Diary

The first event of 2019 will be at Earleywood Scout Camp near Sunningdale, Berkshire. This will be a plot and fighting weekend with a banquet for boasting and telling tales.

More events will be confirmed as the season progresses.

We welcome all members old and new, who would like to fight in the woods, practice crafts, or just enjoy good fellowship, food and ale with the Dark Ages Society.

DAS members please email or phone the Secretary, Aelfgifu, with any updates or changes.

Any non-members interested in attending, please Contact Us.

2019 Events

When Where What Contact
2nd February Alf’s house DAS Officers’ Meeting Alf, our Chair
5th – 7th April Earleywood Scout Camp, Berkshire DAS plot weekend Ingibjorg, Holmbyggja
26th – 28th July Yorkshire Museum of Farming DAS living history weeekend Ingibjorg, Holmbyggja
16th – 18th August Butser Ancient Farm DAS living history weeekend Hrothgar, Holmbyggja
1st – 3rd November Flaunden Village Hall, Hertfordshire DAS plot weekend Herewulf, Cilternsaete


Event Details for 2019

Earleywood Scout Camp: 5th – 7th April

A typical society event with fighting and banquet. The event runs from Friday evening until Sunday lunchtime.
We’ll stay in a cozy scout camp. There are some bunk beds, plenty of space, hot showers and several nice side rooms.
In the morning we’ll fight in local woodlands, then after lunch we’ll continue skirmishing in the scout camp, which is pleasantly wooded. There will be an extended training session in the afternoon, and in the evening, we’ll have a banquet!

Yorkshire Museum of Farming: 16th – 18th July

Join DAS at the Danelaw Viking village, set in the Yorkshire Museum of Farming, Murton Park, Murton, York. The site will be open to the public during the days (so we must maintain authenticity) but the weekend is for us to relax and enjoy ourselves.
Accomodation will be in wooden huts/halls. Bring crafts and games.

Butser Ancient Farm: 16th – 18th August

The year is 879; King Alfred’s forces continue to ensure the safety of Wessex. The Baptism of King Guthrum has reduced tensions between the Saxons, their Angle allies and the numerous Viking factions. So, we find ourselves in the South Downs at a local Saxon lord’s hall. The Viking tribes have come to trade, bringing fine crafts and the air is one of general merriment and optimism as the harvest approaches.
Earlier in the year the Oastvikingae landed in Fulham with plans to raid both England and Frankland from their new base. Word reaches them of a noble lord and his valuable helmet, and their leader sends his finest warriors to obtain it. Oastvikingae members join the market posing as traders and soon the helmet goes missing, an action that threatens to upset the good nature between the Vikings and their Saxon hosts.

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