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Our in-character history, charting how the events of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle have affected our characters. Click on “DAS Chronicle” above for an overview!

DAS in 2014/874

The last DAS event of 2013, Flaunden, was set in 872, when the Vikings fell on London and forced the Mercians to make peace. Forces of King Burhred of Mercia and King Alfred of Wessex (the Cilternsaete and the Sumorsaete) were helping rescue refugees streaming out of London, saving them from marauding bands of Vikings […]

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The Sack of London, Autumn 872 A.D. (Flaunden, October 2013)

At which the Vikings harried refugees from the sack of London, as they fled up Watling Street towards the Abbey of St. Albans. Autumn 872. The great Mercian town of London had been taken by the Great Army, causing many Christian folk to flee the city. King Burhred of Mercia and King Alfred of Wessex […]

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