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Ingibjorg is a crafty widow who has come from Jutland to settle in East Anglia, on the island held by her mother's brother, Ulrik. She enjoys tablet weaving, sewing socks, and feasting. Ingibjorg's Story

9th Century Timeline

Our main historical source is the Anglo-Saxon chronicle, but there are other records such as the Irish Annals, letters, and political documents. It’s always exciting when the written record can be matched with archaeological finds, as at Repton. Sporadic Raids by Norwegians 792 King Offa makes arrangements for the defence of Kent against “pagan peoples”. […]

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Timeline of Britain

?-12,000BC THE ICE AGE 300,000BC Colonization of Britain by Homo Erectus Britain is attached to the European continent during an interglacial period of the Ice Age. Using simple wooden spears, primitive humans hunt the mammoth and hippopotamus that are prevalent in southeast England. 70,000BC Neanderthals settle in England These humans live in caves and hunt […]

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New Website Launched

DAS has a new style website. Our original website was created by Freyja Eriksdottir, and we owe her many thanks for all her work on it. However it was built using static HTML, and couldn’t take advantage of new Web 2.0-type interactive features. This is the new site and runs on WordPress. WordPress gives us […]

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Event Dates for Autumn/Winter 2011

Three new events have been booked for 2011! All are private society events. We’ll fight hard all day Saturday, and then celebrate either victory or defeat with a banquet in the village hall. South Cadbury,Somerset – 30th September to 2nd October The planned June event was sadly cancelled, but it has been rescheduled and we […]

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