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Ingibjorg is a crafty widow who has come from Jutland to settle in East Anglia, on the island held by her mother's brother, Ulrik. She enjoys tablet weaving, sewing socks, and feasting. Ingibjorg's Story

Halfpenny Green 2004

A multi-period living history display  

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Wulwic (Woolwich) 2005

In 2005, DAS provided the shoreside settlement when the longship Gaia sailed into London – and some of us managed to hitch a ride on the ship!  

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DASmag Archive Online

Alf the Archivist has been busy scanning all the old DASmags he’s been able to find – starting with #1 from 1975. And these are now available for you to read as pdf files. Visit the DASmag Archive to read the mags. The Archive is only available to members of DAS, so you will have […]

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Viking Religion

In the Beginning there was nothing but an abyss in space; no golden sand, no crashing waves, no nourishing soil nor a blade of grass and no sky to cover it all. Many ages passed and there gradually existed a place of clouds and shodows, called Niflheim, to the north of the abyss and from […]

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Origins of the Runes The origins of the runic shapes themselves are from the bronze age and were ideographs used by their priest or magicians. They were abstract graphic expressions of the innermost contents of their religious and magical teachings. The origins of the runic systems we know today are from the folklore of the […]

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As most people in the DAS will have noticed by now, I tend to enjoy the occasional board game during the evening’s banquet. Much, it could be said, as fish enjoy the occasional swim. I have decided therefore, to write up rules for some of the more common games from our period, thus allowing me […]

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ANGLO-SAXON ART presents itself in their metalwork, jewellery, manuscripts and sculpture and the influence of the Celts, Christianity and the Vikings, all contributed towards the differing styles. Quoit-Brooch Style Found chiefly in Kent and the south-east, the crouching quadruped is seen in profile while the double contoured body is covered with a fur detail of […]

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As a former follower of Aelfric the Picky, I aspire to perfect representations of kit and costume. Being also though very much a fan of DAS’s informality and inclusivity I do not hold with rigid rules and regulations on what you must/must not have (or how much you must spend) to participate. I err on […]

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Food and Drink

Some years ago I helped to compile an article on Anglo-Saxon food, for a DASmag. Since then, new research has been done on the subject of the diet of Dark Age Man, and Ann Hagen has recently published A Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food – Processing and consumption. In truth, little more is revealed on the […]

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The Homestead

Agriculture The land would be ploughed using an ard that cuts a groove in the soil but does not turn the furrow, therefore the field would sometimes be cross-ploughed. Smaller fields would be worked with hoes, picks or dug with spades. The plough with iron blade and mould-board that turns a proper furrow, was not […]

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Class System

Saxon The family was extremely important in Anglo-Saxon society; women took their social rank from their father, or their husband after marriage. The family was a large group of cousins, aunts, uncles etc, a clan rather than a family in the modern sense. If wergeld was due, it was shared by the kindred, whether paying […]

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Politics Timeline 973-919

793 Vikings plunder monastery of Lindisfarne. 795 First recorded Viking raids on Scotland and Ireland. 800 The Oseberg Viking longship is buried about this time. 825 Mercians defeated by Egbert of Wessex at Wroughton who annexes Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex. 835 Danish raid on Kent. 841 Viking settlers found the city of Dublin in […]

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Historical Overview

Vikings and Anglo-Saxons At the end of the eighth century A.D., England was a fully settled Christian land occupied by largely Anglo-Saxon peoples. Much of the land lay within great estates owned by kings, noble families and the Church. The ninth century saw the Vikings first raid, then conquer and finally settle in England. The […]

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Lands of the Holmbyggjar

Ranrike – Ulrik’s Homeland Ranrike, or Ránríki in Old Norse, corresponds to the northern half of the traditional Swedish province of Bohuslän. Bohuslän is on the western coast of Sweden, bordering Skagerrak and Norway, and is approximately the area described as Alfheim in Scandinavian mythology. Ranrike forms part of Viken, which is a broad term […]

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Ingibjorg’s Story

My name is Ingibjorg. My mother was Gudrun, daughter of Gunni and Sinfjotli, and sister to Ulrik of Ranrike. She died when I was young. My father was Ragnar, who held land in Jutland, near Fyrkat. Ragnar was always on bad terms with our neighbours because they argued about the rights to the best pasturelands. […]

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